Gigabit Cloud in Dubai

UAE VPS Service

Gigabit VPS in Dubai, UAE

Full gigabit port

IP transit is expensive in UAE, so making high data transfer speed available to each client is a challenge in this market, where most VPS services come with a 5–10 Mbps uplink. So we are bringing our decade-long experience in providing high-speed VPS to Dubai, and we offer 1 Gbps connection to each client.

This includes local peering at full port speed, including transfers to UAE's DU and Etisalat, which allows achieving very low latency to your UAE-based business and residential visitors.

Additionally, our network offers low latency to Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Gulf region, as well as India.

Free automatic backups

KiwiVM control panel automatically creates a full backup of the VPS once every few days. Then, VPS can be restored from backup to previous state when needed via control panel.

This feature is available automatically to all clients at no extra cost.

Free snapshots

You can create a complete snapshot of the VPS at any time and then restore it when needed. Snapshots can also be copied between VMs, which allows you to configure once, and then deploy the snapshot onto multiple VMs. This saves a lot of time!

API and Automation

Automate all tasks with the provided API. Everything you can do via KiwiVM control panel can be done via a very simple API. Documentation and examples are available in the KiwiVM control panel.

Private network

VPS-to-VPS communications via the private network are not metered at our Dubai location.

One-click automatic migration between datacenters

This feature was unique to KiwiVM for many years. You can temporarily (or permanently) move your VPS from/to Dubai to a different physical location (datacenter) with a single click. All data is migrated automatically.

Lower cost

We heavily rely on automation for our operations, and most of our backend software was developed by ourselves in-house. This allows us to save, and we are happy to be able to pass the savings on to our clients.

These are just a few highlights of what we have to offer. Try our services and see for yourself! Our 30-day money back policy is one of the most generous in the industry.

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  • SSD: 20 GB RAID-10
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • CPU: 2x Intel Xeon
  • Transfer: 500 GB/mo
  • Link speed: 1 Gigabit
  • Multiple locations


  • SSD: 40 GB RAID-10
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • CPU: 3x Intel Xeon
  • Transfer: 1000 GB/mo
  • Link speed: 1 Gigabit
  • Multiple locations


  • SSD: 80 GB RAID-10
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • CPU: 4x Intel Xeon
  • Transfer: 2000 GB/mo
  • Link speed: 1 Gigabit
  • Multiple locations


  • SSD: 160 GB RAID-10
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • CPU: 6x Intel Xeon
  • Transfer: 3000 GB/mo
  • Link speed: 1 Gigabit
  • Multiple locations


  • SSD: 320 GB RAID-10
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • CPU: 8x Intel Xeon
  • Transfer: 4000 GB/mo
  • Link speed: 1 Gigabit
  • Multiple locations


  • SSD: 640 GB RAID-10
  • RAM: 32 GB
  • CPU: 10x Intel Xeon
  • Transfer: 5000 GB/mo
  • Link speed: 1 Gigabit
  • Multiple locations


  • SSD: 1280 GB RAID-10
  • RAM: 64 GB
  • CPU: 12x Intel Xeon
  • Transfer: 6000 GB/mo
  • Link speed: 1 Gigabit
  • Multiple locations